Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yogurt tastes better at room temperature

Here is a little known fact about me….I let my yogurt warm up to room temperature before I eat it.  What I mean by this is I take the yogurt to work and don’t put it into the fridge so that it is the perfect temperature at 2:00 pm.  Yup, I am admitting this to the world now, and I honestly don’t even know if Jerry knows that I do this. 
It just tastes better room temp!

I have been so ashamed to admit this because it is like wearing that bright letter A on your chest in medieval times.  I routinely put myself at risk for food poisoning by doing this because those cultures that supposedly help you lose weight could potentially kill me.  I couldn’t ever admit this to anyone because I didn’t want to have to get weird looks or explain myself.  But frankly I love to live life on the wild side when it comes to food, so the thought of luke warm yogurt sounds fantastic to me.  Plus I think everything tastes better room temperature or hot.  

Anyways, I told you that deep dark secret so I could tell you this and you wouldn’t think I was as crazy.  After that blackout we were supposed to thrown out dairy products, but when I tasted the milk it tasted fine.  So………we kept it, and because the milk was fine we kept all the dairy products we had. 

My future children will be lucky if they make it to age 5.

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  1. I searched for this on google and you are the #1 hit. I agree that it tastes much better at room temperature!