Monday, April 23, 2012

Jerry’s Redemption

My last post, which was far to long ago, was about Jerry trying to transfer a gift from one holiday to another.  Yes, my birthday is considered a holiday and much like Christmas it takes a full month to appreciate.

Well, at the the end of the post I stated that the Nike+ Fuelband is actually available I would be getting it shortly.  Guessss Whaaaat!?!  It arrived and I have been enjoying the awesomeness that it is for this past weekend.






I apologize for the arm hair, but it’s the best we get.

I am loving the band and I love that it is a challenge for myself.  My daily goal currently is 2500 fuel points and so far this has been challenging since I haven’t been able to make it to the gym.  I feel the days I can make it to the gym or get a nice long walk I can probably have the goal set at 3,500.

The thing I also love is I can sync it with my phone and see where I am at for the week as well as take a look at the daily activity.



I also love when you meet your goal there is a celebration, and I have been able to celebrate both Saturday and Sunday.  I realize for some people that this could be lame or juvenile, but I need something to make working out a challenge or fun and this has done that.

I do wear the band all day, but if you look at the picture from yesterday you will notice that I didn’t really get many Fuel points unless I was working out or involved in high physical activity.

Lastly, it does state your calories and it is generally a 3 Fuel points to 1 calorie ratio, but it is important to note that the calories might not be 100% accurate and are more of a guideline.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The post in which Jerry gets thrown under the bus…in a loving way of course

My birthday is in exactly one month from today and on that day I’ll be 27.  Why am I telling you this?  Because it is pivotal to the story and now you know and can’t forget.  (May 12th for those of you that can’t read a calendar or count)

I am a difficult person to buy gifts for because I never know what I want and only know what I don’t want.  So, this has been one of the expectations that has been hard to have met.  Now I just try to have really low expectations, but it is hard because my birthday is important to me.

Jerry has been doing a great job of figuring out the gift mystery this year, but he purposed something the other night that absolutely 100% goes against gift giving.  He was going to buy me a present for my birthday that he already promised to get me for Valentine’s day.

Why hasn’t he got the previous present you ask?  Well it is because it is the Nike+ Fuel Band and it is still out of stock.  STILL!  One had to pre-order it, and apparently they are never ever going to have it in stock again.


Anyhoo, since Jerry still hasn’t been able to get it he thought he could transfer the gift from Valentine’s day to my birthday. 

Dear Men of the world,

This is never allowed. EVER.



Men here are three rules about gifts:

  1. The gift can’t ever be transferred.  The gift is always outstanding until received.
  2. If the gift is no longer available buy something different.
  3. If the gift becomes available later please refer to rule number 1.


P.S. When I was taking the above picture from Nike I discovered they now have the Fuel Band in my size.  Yay!  So in two weeks time I will have one in my possession. muahhahahah!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fears or phobias which ever you prefer I have them

I have a few fears other than my medical phobia, and while none of them stop me from living life they are real.
  1. Snakes.  They are the devils spawn and should be eliminated.  Reference Genesis in the Bible for further clarification.
  2. Elevators.  A metal box held by small little cables that can plunge at any second.  Pass
  3. Flying.  Enough said.
  4. Being attacked.  Not kidding every time I walk some where by myself I have an escape route and repeat - in-step, nose, side and groin. (Name that movie!)
  5. Parking garages.  See point four.  All.Is. Explained.
Why am I telling you this?  BECAUSE fears 1 and 3 became real life today. 

At some point Jerry thought it would be hysterical (in the ha ha way) to suggest we watch the movie Snakes on a Plane.  To which I respond in a hysterical (I am having a break down way) manner.  If I ever saw that movie I would have to be given a horse tranquilizer to step foot in an airport.

But it’s happened in real life people!  Two of my worst fears at the same time!  It’s likely that if that ever happened to me I would absolutely have a heart attack and never recover.

So, that flight to Europe later this year should real fun.  Jer, you might want to investigate those tranquilizers.

P.S.  I have to park in a parking garage and ride two elevators everyday.  My favorite is when signs appear asking us to notify maintenance if the elevators aren’t working properly.  But it’s risk death or walk up 7 flights of stairs, so death it is.
P.S.S. If I am given tranquilizers I am sure I will look something like this.