Monday, April 23, 2012

Jerry’s Redemption

My last post, which was far to long ago, was about Jerry trying to transfer a gift from one holiday to another.  Yes, my birthday is considered a holiday and much like Christmas it takes a full month to appreciate.

Well, at the the end of the post I stated that the Nike+ Fuelband is actually available I would be getting it shortly.  Guessss Whaaaat!?!  It arrived and I have been enjoying the awesomeness that it is for this past weekend.






I apologize for the arm hair, but it’s the best we get.

I am loving the band and I love that it is a challenge for myself.  My daily goal currently is 2500 fuel points and so far this has been challenging since I haven’t been able to make it to the gym.  I feel the days I can make it to the gym or get a nice long walk I can probably have the goal set at 3,500.

The thing I also love is I can sync it with my phone and see where I am at for the week as well as take a look at the daily activity.



I also love when you meet your goal there is a celebration, and I have been able to celebrate both Saturday and Sunday.  I realize for some people that this could be lame or juvenile, but I need something to make working out a challenge or fun and this has done that.

I do wear the band all day, but if you look at the picture from yesterday you will notice that I didn’t really get many Fuel points unless I was working out or involved in high physical activity.

Lastly, it does state your calories and it is generally a 3 Fuel points to 1 calorie ratio, but it is important to note that the calories might not be 100% accurate and are more of a guideline.

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