Friday, July 27, 2012

Date Night

This past Wednesday Jerry decided he was going to take me on a date to dinner and a movie.  This is how we decide our movies:

J: So, let’s go to dinner and a movie tonight and I believe I owe you a chick flick.

K: Try 10

J: I don’t think there are any out right now.

K: Of course not…Oh wait there is one out

J: Which one?

To which I just stood there with a smirk on my face

J: Which one?… No, I’m not seeing that

Now, I am just rolling around on the ground laugh hysterically

K: I’ll trade you the 10 movies you owe for this one!

J: I am not going to see Magic Mike.

K: ahahahah Dang it!  I thought for sure I could get you with that swap.

J: Sooo, Dark Knight Rises?

K: Sooo, no movie then?

Dinner it was, I am holding firm no more guy movies until I get my chick flick!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dancing on Clouds

When I was little I always wished that I could dance on the clouds one day.  I still wish for that and it’s probably why when the clouds looked like this from our plane it made me long for that again.

clouds 1

On our later flight we were blessed with this view and it made me realize it would be best to dance on them at sunset.


The best show of the evening though was when the clouds held a lightening show for us.  I guess God’s fireworks are better than our man made ones any way.  Wish I could have got a picture, but it wouldn’t have done it justice anyways.

Friday, July 13, 2012


As my brother keeps reminding me I have been absent here for about two months, and while I feel this blog helps relieve stress and express things I have a hard time expressing normally, I just haven’t had the energy to write.

Summer is generally the time that I rejuvenate and prepare for the end of the year in all of it’s craziness and required obligations, but no amount of rest has been helping.  I am just exhausted all the time, I wake up exhausted and stay that way through out the day and honestly this isn’t a new thing I have just hid it.  If I could I would go home after work and crawl in bed and sleep until the next day and I might have enough energy finally. 

The worst part of this is that I have lost my relationship with the Lord and I don’t know how to get it back.  I know that trusting him and resting in him gives me strength but getting up earlier to read my bible or stay up later wasn’t working.  So, please say a few prayers for me, and eventually I’ll get back to this at a regular interval, and until then it might be basic post with little to no thought behind it.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Something to smile about

We celebrated my birthday this past weekend with our group of friends and as always we have a great time together.  We went out to lunch and then went wine tasting.

During wine tasting Wonder Woman pulled out fake mustaches for us girls and some of us took this photo.

photo (13)

I love this photo for so many reasons, but especially because it reminds me that no matter what is going on I have been blessed with a group of girlfriends that for one day will help you forget you are a mature adult.  This photo is my phone background and I giggle like a school girl every time I see it.

Wishing I was Peter Pan

Remember back when you were young and all you wish is to be a grown up and to be able to make all your own decisions?  Well I remember that time and this week I wish I could back then.  I wish I could be Peter Pan with all the innocence and naivety that a child is lucky enough to have.

This past weekend we were faced with one of those adult decisions where the right answer isn’t obvious and either choice you make will hurt.  Rusty had a block in his intestines and if we didn’t operate we would have to put him down.  If we operate it is going to cost us any where from $3k – $6k depending on the vet we go to.  So do we tighten our budget and do the surgery or not?  We debated this for 24 hours going back and forth.

We ultimately decided to do the surgery and I’m glad we made that decision, but we have been faced with so many adult decisions lately that I am tired of being an adult.  I want to go back to years where my biggest worry was how much homework do I have and how many days until summer are left. 

photo (12)

I hope this memorial day weekend we can all find the time to be young at heart again even if only for a little bit.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rearview mirror

In my women’s bible study on Monday we just finished going through the book of Esther.  I recommend you read that book of the bible and if you have read it before re-read it.

I think this time reading through I saw a Godly woman in a secular environment showing those people who God is just by her actions.  If you work or live in this type of environment re-read this book with that focus, and you will see you can make a difference.

The thing that caught me this week was that out of this event there came a celebration of Purim as a reminder of all God did.  So last night our discussion centered around ways to remember the victories God has won in our lives and why it is so important to remember them.

We were asked to think of creative ways to remember God working in our lives, and I realized that this blog has become that.  I hope you find ways to remember what God has done in your life because it really does help us get through the tough times.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Jerry’s Redemption

My last post, which was far to long ago, was about Jerry trying to transfer a gift from one holiday to another.  Yes, my birthday is considered a holiday and much like Christmas it takes a full month to appreciate.

Well, at the the end of the post I stated that the Nike+ Fuelband is actually available I would be getting it shortly.  Guessss Whaaaat!?!  It arrived and I have been enjoying the awesomeness that it is for this past weekend.






I apologize for the arm hair, but it’s the best we get.

I am loving the band and I love that it is a challenge for myself.  My daily goal currently is 2500 fuel points and so far this has been challenging since I haven’t been able to make it to the gym.  I feel the days I can make it to the gym or get a nice long walk I can probably have the goal set at 3,500.

The thing I also love is I can sync it with my phone and see where I am at for the week as well as take a look at the daily activity.



I also love when you meet your goal there is a celebration, and I have been able to celebrate both Saturday and Sunday.  I realize for some people that this could be lame or juvenile, but I need something to make working out a challenge or fun and this has done that.

I do wear the band all day, but if you look at the picture from yesterday you will notice that I didn’t really get many Fuel points unless I was working out or involved in high physical activity.

Lastly, it does state your calories and it is generally a 3 Fuel points to 1 calorie ratio, but it is important to note that the calories might not be 100% accurate and are more of a guideline.