Thursday, March 29, 2012

Action filled weekend part 2

At the beginning of the month we had an action filled weekend experiencing almost all the Southern CA has to offer.  I say almost all because we couldn’t quite swing the beach in that same weekend, and I can’t say I was that disappointed as I don’t really care for the beach.  What!?!  Crazy right?  Except there is sand at the beach and I HATE sand, it gets every where and sticks to everything and often is stuck in the places that the sun don’t shine in.
So, it must come a surprise that I was willing to spend four hours romping around the desert on and ATV.  Normally, I would have passed this opportunity up, but one thing I have been learning in this time of marriage healing is that Jerry needs me to be interested occasionally in activities he loves.  And we got Groupons so if I hated it we didn’t waste a ridiculous amount of money.  So ATVing it was.
We went with my whole family…enjoy.
Getting ready…don’t forget your sun screen because it is as hot as the sun and you are likely to be burned alive
Thing 1 and Thing 2
Yes I am so thrilled to be here.GOPR0054
Half way through and a picture of me looking deranged.  It’s the best we can do, the sand was getting to me.GOPR0062

I have videos, and the are probably long and boring but if you haven’t got anything better to do check them out.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Yesterday as I was leaving for Book Club Jerry said that he would have a surprise for me when I returned.  This “surprise “ illustrates one of the fundamental differences between us.  You see he was so excited to surprise me by flipping our room around and making it look like a mirror image of it’s old self.  Which is awesome, and I appreciate him wanting to change things up, but this is not my definition of surprise.
A surprise to me is flowers or fresh baked cookies, a donut, dinner made, new jewelry or even greeting me at the door in a loin cloth.  See the difference.  This can make for major disappointments, and until recently has.
Jerry would mention that he has a surprise for me, and I would get excited and wonder what it was and how awesome it was going to be.  Only to be disappointed because it wasn’t what I would really call a surprise.  This causes hurt feelings on both sides.  I am hurt because he doesn’t know what is important to me(or so I thought) and he is hurt because I am not appreciating the effort he made.
The honest truth is that we were both right and both of our feelings were accurate.  So, how do you work through that and make it better?  You appreciate where you are in that moment.  I appreciated him changing the room around because we had been talking about it for a while and he did it to show he is listening.  Jerry has also be trying to surprise me in the ways I like to be surprised. 
Expectations are okay to have, but when they are always larger than reality it causes problems.  What if you have expectations that are never met?  Then it is time for you to start speaking up.  Unless superpowers become real, a person isn’t going to know unless you tell them.  Keep in mind they need to be achievable because if your expectations are unrealistic you probably won’t ever have them met.
Have you had any 180s in your life recently? 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Winter Wonderland

This past week we took a couple of days off and went up to Mammoth mountain for Snowboarding fun and by fun I mean torture that I put up with because my darling husband loves it.

Recaps to come of course, but here is a teaser in the mean time.

We woke up to this ridiculousness on Saturday morning, and it was a firm reminder why I don’t live in a place where it snows.


Yup all the cars were buried in about 3ft of snow.  Good thing Jerry believes in 4 wheel drive.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I got nothing…ramblings

I was suppose to be writing up our fabulous action packed weekend part two, but I forgot to transfer the pictures and videos to my handy dandy flash drive so that will happen later.  Instead you get randomness from yours truly.

Soooo those resolutions that I am suppose to be keeping?  Yup, the only one I have semi sort of maybe kept is doing the dishes and complimenting Jerry.  Everything else gone, ka-put, nada, nothing.  I would say this week I am going to trying to get back on track but it's not going to happen.  So maybe the week after that.

Here is where things get a little weird.

I have been smelling a random odor today much like one you would smell on the beach.  A mix of sea and sand.  I also believe it is on my person, but I can’t figure out where.  This has led me to continuously smell myself including armpits.  I would assume if caught or spied upon it would be as embarrassing as picking your nose, but I am truly concerned.  I think my concern is amplified by the fact that I showered today, so I should be smelling nice and clean not like I just took a dirty run on the beach.

This leads me to wonder if there is something stuck in my nose, or maybe my mental stability is gone and I have officially jumped off the deep end. 

Or my brain is telling me I need a vacation, on a beach in the Caribbean. 

I’m not sure, but aren’t you now concerned with me?  You should be.

P.S.  My arm pits in fact actually smell lovely and the repeated smellings only confirm this.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Action filled weekend part 1

Remember last week when I talked about Jerry’s new toy and how I was actually going to be able to use it…yup not true, but I have been promised that come Mammoth I will have used it.

This past weekend we decided that since we live in CA that really we should explore all it has to offer and we should do it all in one weekend.  So we went to the mountains and the dessert all in one weekend.  Sadly we couldn’t make it to the beach, but 48 hours goes quick, especially when you  spend 12 hours of that in the car.

On Saturday we went up to Big Bear for some snowboarding before we hit up Mammoth in two weeks.  Frankly this was just a test run for Jerry so he would know how annoyed he would be with me in Mammoth.
All these pictures and videos were taken using the GoPro, but please note in the videos it was the first time Jerry used it.  Therefore we now know it needs to be moved so that we can see more than just the snow.  So, Mammoth is showing great potential for video awesomeness.

One of the beautiful runs, and it was so hot that day.  By the noon the snow was slush…boo for poor winters.

The required series of lift photos

Later we met up with Bubbly and her husband Mountain Man.  Bubbly and I are like this Fingers crossed on the mountain because we go about the same speed. 

I love this man, and these pictures made me laugh out loud.


And here are two of the promised videos:

Monday, March 5, 2012

New name, same blog

I am pretty sure that I am breaking some blogging cardinal rule or something, but since I never was one to make life easy it seems fitting.  That’s right people, I am changing the name of my blog. 
When I named this blog “Random Wanderings of my Mind” it never felt right, and that is probably because I just needed something and it was a better alternative then all the rest of the ideas I had.  This new title came to me last week when I was writing about our marriage, and it fits what this blog is really about.
Here it is “Together we are Jelly”!  Just as crazy as the previous title, but this one actually has meaning behind it.
Every couple needs a Hollywood couple name and lucky for us ours was bestowed upon us long before we started dating.  We were hanging out with a couple of friends and while one was talking on the phone she said that she was hanging out with Jelly.  We all laughed and went on with our day.  Fast forward 6 months and we started dating; fast forward again 3 years and our pastor accidentally calls us Jelly and Kerry during our wedding ceremony.
So, together our names make jelly.
Now to answer the real question, why am I changing the name?  This blog originally started as a way for me to share who I am what is happening in my life, but the thing is I can’t separate who I am and what I do from Jerry.  We do so much together, and this blog started to become more about our lives and it wasn’t fair to only have it represent me. 
P.S.  Nerd fact – Jelly is sticky and since we are “stuck” with each other until death it is a great nick name.
P.S. If you ever have the urge to buy us jelly please only get Welch’s Grape Jelly as it is the only kind we voluntarily eat.  It really should be the only jelly sold at stores.