Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home is Where the Heart Is

This next week Jerry and I begin the next chapter in our lives, and while we are very excited for this transition is has been rather stressful for me to handle. For the last year we lived fairly secluded from friends and family even though we are only 30 min away it feels more at times, but it is a distance that at time we have treasured. It has allowed us to learn to rely on each other and learn to start building our family with the different traditions and rules we would prefer, but this weekend that is changing.

We are moving out of our apartment and moving in with good family friends and while I am so excited to be closer to our friends and family it is going to be tough since I tend to be very independent. I have enjoyed the freedom of living with just my husband, and while I know our friends don't expect much from us at times I will still feel that obligation. We do hope that this transition is temporary and that we will get to move into our very own house soon! I guess I should be excited for this next month or so because after this we will be thrown into the complete land of adulthood with a mortgage and everything.

Hopefully I will be able to understand all the things that God wants to teach me during this next stage. I have realized that through all the events recently I have been learning a big lesson in patience, but I am looking forward to a new lesson! God is in control and I know that with his power that I can handle what is ever thrown our way, so here is to what the next chapter brings!