Friday, October 21, 2011

The day the Kilts took over Disneyland

The one only exhibit necessary for this post:

I know I look so loverly in the picture above, but please check out the gentleman behind me.  I realize it is hard to tell, but he was dressed in a black kilt with studs all over it.  I have no problems with kilts, but what struck me as odd was the fact that he was wearing a Ducati t-shirt and motorcycle riding boots with said kilt.

Please think with me for a moment about this man riding his Ducati to Disneyland in a kilt.  First of all that must have been the coldest ride ever, but second can you imagine how uncomfortable that must have been?  For example dresses drive me nuts when I am in a windy location because they blow all over, but can you image how distracting that would be on a motorcycle?  That kilt would be all over the place and probably hit him in the face a couple of times.  So, he is driving down the freeway on his motorcycle swatting a kilt out of his face so he can drive safely.

But let’s say he didn't wear the kilt ridding on a motorcycle to Disneyland.  That means he rode to Disneyland and then changed into his kilt because he is that dedicated.  I really wish I had the guts to ask which option actually happened, but since he was the size of Andre the Giant we'll just never know.  But you will know this, that a long haired blonde man does potentially ride motorcycles with a kilt in CA because he is that awesome.  Keep your eye out for him because maybe, just maybe you can figure out the mystery for us all.

P.S.  He was one of four men I saw wearing kilts that day, but I never saw them all together so maybe this man is a shape shifter as well.

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