Friday, December 9, 2011

Winning the rodeo on a Shetland Pony

Convo from last night:

J: Watch out you’re going to hit my truck.
K: I’m not going to hit.
J: What are you doing?
K: Starting over so I don’t hit your precious truck.  You know this isn’t my first rodeo!
J: Don’t go there.
K: No, I would be great.  I could barrel race.  I am small.
J: Your legs aren’t long enough.
K: I have pretty long legs for my height.
J: You can’t compete by riding a Shetland pony.
K: (Fake sulk because Lord knows I could compete while riding a Shetland pony)

Jerry forgets knows that telling me I can’t do something it is the exact way to get me to succeed at something.  This clearly means he wants me to become the first barrel racer riding a Shetland pony; watch out rodeo circuit your new circus act has arrived.  It’d be like mutton busting, but legit.

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