Thursday, February 23, 2012

Caution construction ahead

In other news, Jerry has agreed to let me learn how to use an electric saw aka a mitar saw.
This is me right after he agreed:
I know you are wondering about the evil glint in my eye, but in reality it is an excited “OMG, think of all the things I can make when we finally own the saw!” look.  You are probably as shocked as I am that Jerry agreed to show me how to use a mitar saw, but if this current career ever tanks I need something to fall back on.  So, it was decided wood working would be the way to go.
Also, no good carpenter is without a tool belt and fancy shmancy gloves.  Jerry is pinching his pennies to buy me that tool belt, but he rewarded my good behavior at Home Depot with those pretty teal gloves.  That’s right people I stayed at home depot this past Sunday for 2.5 hours and didn’t complain the entire time we were there.
The real reason we were there was to price out four projects we hope to complete in the next year or seven: 
1.Redo our shower because currently it is leaking like Niagara Falls.  So, we need to take the entire shower and tub out to replace the valve.  Then we get a new shower / tub and all new faucets.  Yay!
2. We want to expand our closet so we can both fit our clothes in it instead of just my stuff.  So, that means moving two walls, and redoing the way it is set-up inside of it.
3. We are going to build a TV stand from unfinished kitchen cabinets.  The reason for this is because Jerry wants it a specific way and we are having a hard time finding it and finding it for cheap.  I am most excited for this project!
4. We are going to build a new wine rack / pantry / cabinet in our family room and get rid of the pantry we currently have.  It’s bulky, blocks the window and is falling apart.
Yay for new projects, but boo it is going to take so long to complete them!  I am sure there will be plenty of hilarious and ridiculous stories for us to share along the way, so buckle up kids because it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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