Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jerry you have been renamed Kerry....Sorry the iPhone said so

The iPhone has now decided that Jerry’s name is not a real word and should instead be Kerry.  I get that Kerry is one of our Hollywood names, but frankly Jelly is so much cooler and neither of us really like Kerry.  Also, when typing I would never refer to us in the 3rd person that is lame, and I am much cooler that that!

But let’s discuss what the real problem is here…I have been writing to and talking about Jerry for the entire year I have had this iPhone.  It isn’t like all of a sudden Jerry pops up on the radar and the iPhone is like I can’t handle this curve ball you are throwing to me soooooo….Kerry it is.  NO!  I even have Jerry’s name typed into the phone as a contact.  I keep waiting for the iPhone to catch on, and think “Hey, this name isn’t going anywhere maybe I should remember it!”  But it never quite gets it, instead I am typing so fast I have to re-type Jerry’s name 54 times because the iPhone never gets that we are talking about the most important human in my life.

I think the iPhone is just messing with me to see if I will stay loyal.  I can’t handle the pressure to get his name right, and the iPhone knows it!  What if one time the name appears as Jelker or something even crazier like joker because it knows I’ll have a nervous breakdown?  The iPhone just sits there thinking “I know what’s best, just give in and the world will be a better place.  Just give in!” 

And Jerry, I mean Kerry, no wait Jelker.  Shoot what is that man’s name, that guy I live with?  He isn’t here to fix it and make it go away, and life won’t be the same ever again because by the time he gets home I’ll have forgotten him.

But seriously, does anyone know how to fix my problem?  Can I be smarter than the iPhone again, and tell it to not auto correct Jerry to Kerry?  


  1. This has been my only, but very agitated, complaint about my iPhone; mainly because my husband's name is Jerry, and my name is-you guessed it-KERRI! Sure, it's an I, not a Y, but super frustrating nonetheless. If you find out how to fix it, I would LOVE to know. In the meantime, you can create a shortcut for the name Jerry to bypass the problem.

    1. I feel your pain, and I am sure that Kerri is auto corrected to Berry or something crazy as well.

      The one thing that I found that does work is when you type Jerry out and hit the x on Kerry two separate times it will stop making that suggestion. Of course you have to do this in every text message convo, and most emails but it has proved to work.

      How in the world do you create a shortcut? Please enlighten me! :-)

  2. Thanks for posting this! Man this has been driving me nuts for months. I created a shortcut so when I type je it gives me Jerry. What a relief!

    Jerry "Not Kerry" D

  3. Settings, general, keyboard, shortcut

  4. Settings > General > Keyboard > Add new Shortcut

  5. You can also type out Jerrr and then press enter and Jerry will appear.

  6. My ex-husband is Jerry, and we communicate a lot through the iPhone to coordinate parenting. I also use his name when writing to others. The iPhone has figured out the weird nicknames in my family after I used them so often, but still "Kerry" for "Jerry." Maybe some Jerry did something bad to the staff at Apple.