Friday, May 25, 2012

Wishing I was Peter Pan

Remember back when you were young and all you wish is to be a grown up and to be able to make all your own decisions?  Well I remember that time and this week I wish I could back then.  I wish I could be Peter Pan with all the innocence and naivety that a child is lucky enough to have.

This past weekend we were faced with one of those adult decisions where the right answer isn’t obvious and either choice you make will hurt.  Rusty had a block in his intestines and if we didn’t operate we would have to put him down.  If we operate it is going to cost us any where from $3k – $6k depending on the vet we go to.  So do we tighten our budget and do the surgery or not?  We debated this for 24 hours going back and forth.

We ultimately decided to do the surgery and I’m glad we made that decision, but we have been faced with so many adult decisions lately that I am tired of being an adult.  I want to go back to years where my biggest worry was how much homework do I have and how many days until summer are left. 

photo (12)

I hope this memorial day weekend we can all find the time to be young at heart again even if only for a little bit.

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